5 Ways Electronic Work Permitting Can Impact Your Business for the Better

Feb 02nd 2021

Thoughtful, detailed work permitting doesn’t have to take time and induce headaches. Here are five ways digitized work permitting today can positively impact your business tomorrow.

1. Reduce Your Maintenance Costs

Permitting delays are one of the top barriers to time on tools and cause of work-start delays. Electronic work permitting can enhance efficiency by spooling permits ahead of time and having them ready to fill out for the next craft. This can add up to  a 5-10% reduction of craft wait time correlating to millions saved/gained at larger sites.

2. Improve visibility of permitting and status

Electronic work permitting supported with wifi or cellular connections can give you a real-time status view of all permits issued in the plant. Paper processes don’t inherently provide that insight and a permit’s status is left to humans to communicate over radios or white boards.  Electronic work permitting is especially helpful   for shift changeover and continuity of work.

3. Improve Safety Visibility

In addition to plant-wide visibility of issued permits and their status, advanced electronic permit systems can also use scoring from the permit’s risk assessment to auto calculate risk. This risk ranking can provide the safety teams insight to which jobs  make the most sense to review and audit.

4. Ensure processes are followed (no pencil whipping!)

Paper records have to be reviewed to ensure they were properly completed. And even with reviews, paper records can be falsely filled out, depicting an incorrect picture of what actually happened. Electronic records provide rules, GPS location, input validation, and time and date stamp to ensure the documents are filled out correctly and at the right time and place. This makes audits compliance a breeze and fosters a site with better governance built into its safety program.

5. Better record management

Paper permits inevitably end up  covered in dirt and grease and are barely legible due to the various handwriting and constrained space on paper. Electronic permits provide pristine typed information which can be pulled up 24/7 from any location for review.

If you would like to learn more how moving to electronic work permits can help you and your business objectives, please feel free to reach out to our team

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