Dividends of Digital Part 3: Making Management Easier in 1 Simple Step

Apr 25th 2022

Anyone who has responsibility for the operations or production of a unit, facility or business knows they get hit with conflicting priorities each day from multiple data sources and people. It can be daunting, and the distractions can keep you drowning in detail instead of truly managing your area of responsibility. One way to make […]

Dividends of Digital Part 2: A Paperless Path to Better Decision Making

Feb 25th 2022

In our last entry, we addressed how paper processes cannot compete with the accuracy and efficiency of digital data processing. Today’s entry will take a closer look at the far more practical shortcomings of paper use.  While the human brain is certainly a supercomputer itself, paper documents often require collation, referencing and re-referencing to be […]

Are You Collecting the Dividends of Digital? Part 1: A Welcomed Disruption

Nov 22nd 2021

If you really think about it, paper was a major disrupter in data recording technology. It was quite the innovation considering it was far more portable than chiseled stone walls and tablets.  We now face a new and welcomed disrupter to data recording technology—digitization. Not only is it portable, sharable, easy to access and far […]

MobilOps is a Sponsor of the Upcoming “A Digital Roadmap to Maximizing Plant Performance” Webinar

Aug 22nd 2021

As the oil & gas market continues down the path toward Industry 4.0, there is much that leaders and managers can learn from each other. This virtual panel of plant experts from ExxonMobil, Phillips 66 and Kuraray America will share their best practices for the digital transformation of maintenance and operations for safer, more efficient and more reliable facilities. The presenters will […]

Are You Fully LOTO Compliant? Use This Checklist to Find Out

May 06th 2021

OSHA estimates that poor lockout/tagout procedure accounts for up to 10% of industrial safety incidents. While LOTO procedures at process facilities are a federal requirement, many companies may carry legacy inefficiencies or have blind spots in their programs that cause regulatory headaches and could leave your workforce at risk. Using the MobilOps® LOTO Manager application, one […]

How Lack of Condition Monitoring Can Cost You Millions

Mar 01st 2021

Unplanned downtime is the stuff of nightmares for industrial plant management. Process upsets, wasted product, potentially hazardous events, high blood pressure…all potential side effects of unplanned downtime. Add in the costs of remediation — flared product, media management, overtime pay, hot shot fees, increased safety — unplanned downtime costs can easily run past the million-dollar […]

5 Ways Electronic Work Permitting Can Impact Your Business for the Better

Feb 02nd 2021

Thoughtful, detailed work permitting doesn’t have to take time and induce headaches. Here are five ways digitized work permitting today can positively impact your business tomorrow. 1. Reduce Your Maintenance Costs Permitting delays are one of the top barriers to time on tools and cause of work-start delays. Electronic work permitting can enhance efficiency by […]

The ‘missing link’ in Industry 4.0 – Digitizing the field

Jan 06th 2021

Why can you track your fast-food pizza, but not see everything in your plant? Or where your rideshare driver is, but not your work progress until the end of the day?  Despite investments in ERP and digital control systems, in the era of Industry 4.0 we still have a gap between our plant goals and […]

Digital Workflows Make Your Digital Transformation Work!

Nov 24th 2020

Digital workflows automate the routing of documents to users and groups per your current business processes of your organization. A digital transformation effort at your facility that incorporates digital workflows ensures your business processes procedures are followed and is shown to improve team productivity, business process consistency, and communication.  Here are some of the key benefits of automated digital workflows:  Digital documents are easily searchable and adaptable to […]

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