Dividends of Digital Part 3: Making Management Easier in 1 Simple Step

Apr 25th 2022

Anyone who has responsibility for the operations or production of a unit, facility or business knows they get hit with conflicting priorities each day from multiple data sources and people. It can be daunting, and the distractions can keep you drowning in detail instead of truly managing your area of responsibility.

One way to make your life easier is to leverage the Manage by Exception Principle (MBE) in which you only look at things that deviate from the norm. 

MBE sounds great, but how do you put this in play? 

Start with the problem areas and identify the day-to-day decisions that absorb 80% of your time—then build a program to automate them.

This could be as simple as a new policy for your team, a form that gets filled out that outlines the decision process for staff, etc.

For instance, in the industrial plant setting, we’ve taken a lot of the headaches out of the Operations Managers’ and Supervisors’ responsibilities by digitizing operator rounds that send automated alerts when things deviate from the norm.

This prevents management from having to waste time manually looking through irrelevant data instead of focusing on what needs their attention.If you would like to learn more how MobilOps FieldVision can reduce your headaches and make efficiency your leading edge, please reach out to us at and a consultant can follow-up with you for a free assessment.

For more information about the dividends of digital, check out Part Two or visit our Industry 4.0 page.

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