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We leverage this experience to accomplish one goal—providing one solution for our clients’ success.

Beginning with our late founder Bert Turner and continuing through the decades, Turner has ushered in numerous industrial innovations, including putting the first large cranes to work in the field, pioneering unique pipe fabrication and bending practices from Europe, and developing proprietary technologies put to work in the field to manage workflow and optimize efficiencies.

  • In 2010 Turner Industries worked together with a small company called Industrial Mobility, a pioneer in process management technology, at a client facility in south Texas.
  • Later that year, Turner acquired Industrial Mobility and brought their team in-house.  They became Turner Industries’ Integrated Solutions Group (ISG).
  • The group’s original offering, MobilOps™, was a base of four modules focused on the concept of electronic Rounds, Readings & Checklists, and centralized procedures for Process Safety Management (PSM) compliance.
  • In the years following the acquisition, ISG focused their energy on Research and Development developing 8 additional modules and support services rooted in pain points identified at clients’ worksites.

Today the expanded MobilOps Suite is an effective solution to digitize data and achieve PSM Excellence, and it can be combined with the client’s legacy software. Now in growth mode, MobilOps’ installed base has doubled over the past year and ISG has become a valued partner to industrial sites across the country.

See it Live

Turner Industries understands the importance of live demonstrations in software development. Contact us today so we can demonstrate to you the power of MobilOps and how it can fit your needs.