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Track all regulatory tasks to stay in compliance with regulatory agencies.

Compliance Tasks module enables users to create tasks for planned compliance on either ad-hoc, once off instances or reoccurring at various intervals (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually). This allows compliance departments to automate tasks within their compliance program and demonstrate a documented history of completed compliance activities.

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Manage all regulatroy tasks  in single place.
Manage all regulatroy tasks in single place.
Save time  on followups
Save time on followups
Stay in  Compliance
Stay in Compliance
Access action data  anytime,anywhere
Access action data anytime,anywhere


Track tasks for each compliance category
Set reoccurence pattern for compliance tasks
Send email reminders automatically
Schedule reports for automatic generation
View and Edit compliance tasks details
Download Data in excel format.
Submit due date change requests
Create unlimited number of Compliance Tasks

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