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Gain visibility into LOTO process to improve workplace safety and avoid process upsets

LOTO Module enables the user to identify and control all the steps necessary to remove energy sources from the equipment to be worked on. LOTO Software improves the accuracy and manageability of large work scopes and outages, and maximizes plant availability by using Master Isolation statements to reduce the time taken to both isolate and restore plant safely.

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Improved efficiency of LOTO process
Improved efficiency of LOTO process
High Visbility of work in progress
High Visbility of work in progress
Improve workplace safety
Improve workplace safety
Avoid process upsets
Avoid process upsets


Ability to store master list of isolation devices, lock/tag type, energy sources.
Master procedure templates by Area, equipment.
Attach picture for each isolation point.
Print Isolation label with unique barcode using Thermal printer
Enforce completion of critical task at each step with in the LOTO process.
Seamless email notifications during the life cycle of LOTO including reminder emails.
Control access to data based on user roles and permissions
Easy to use web based application developed based on powerful Microsoft.Net Technology and MSSQL database
Link P&ID and other documents
Integration with Work Permits.

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